3D Model Visualizer

Description: A web-based tool to visualize 3-D geophysical models. Used to put iMUSH tomographic models (see iMUSH Overview) in geographic context.

Techniques: geospatial plotting, interface with Google Maps API

Tools: netCDF, Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), Bash, python, kml, Google Maps JavaScript API, jsfiddle.net, git

This project was intended to make it easier to display and share iMUSH tomographic models which I produced.

The general data flow is as follows:

  • Choose 3-D model, in IRIS EMC format. This technique could theoretically be used with the other 3-D models hosted at IRIS, but hasn’t been extensively tested with those.
  • Edit init file to set map bounds, geophysical parameter to plot, etc.
  • Make images using Generic Mapping Tools plotting software
  • Create .kmz file to view in Google Earth or create Google Maps overlay for web display

More details on the method and code can be found on GitHub.

The iMUSH local earthquake P-wave velocity model is shown in Google Maps below. The colors show percent variation from a 1-dimensional average, with blue meaning faster and red meaning slower than average.