I am a problem solver – I enjoy identifying a question and exploring answers by collecting, processing, and synthesizing data. I am also a scientist and recent postdoctoral research associate at the University of Washington (UW). I recently completed my PhD in seismology at UW and am looking to apply my data engineering and analytical skills in the workforce. I can help companies make sense of their data in order to make informed decisions.

My research at the UW focused primarily on the structure and dynamics of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle, particularly in subduction zones (check out the tremor and iMUSH posts on this site). I am used to applying a variety of methods (least squares optimization, time series analysis, data processing) to large seismic datasets in a Unix environment (primarily with MATLAB and shell scripting). I also have experience leading field work efforts (installing, servicing, and removing 70 seismometers) and teaching/mentoring students.

Find more at LinkedIn or GitHub, or download my resume or CV.